Ad customizers for Google search

What we released

Dynamic Advertising can create thousands, millions of relevant ads in your search campaigns. Marketers use Dynamic Advertising to create an extended and relevant campaign structure which will be updates automatically each day or each hour. Everything is dynamic. Scalable and relevant; that makes it the best solution for online marketers. You are able to dynamically insert data like product prices or stock information. Create your own self driving car for campaign creation.

What problem did we solve

By changing a value in your Ad like product price, a new Ad will be created and the old one will be removed. Replacing Ads constantly once prices change will have negative impact on the quality score. They say… We used to solve this with Live Ads. But that functionality will be deprecated.

So we had to find a new solution. Which we found in Ad customizers. The Ads won’t be replaced when prices change. Only the value of the Ad customizer will change. As an online marketer you are able to create an Ad template which creates relevant Ads for everything you want to advertise for within a finger tip. Ad customizers can now be used to have your product price dynamically. Support of different ad customizers will be available soon. For now: problem solved!

What did Genius Richard say

I have created a project for one of my clients using Ad customizers for the product prices. All pricing can be changed every 6 hours now without losing historical data. We might even increase the frequency to hourly now. Top show!

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