Automated bidding for Google Shopping

For the most performance campaigns it was already possible to fully automate the bid management. As for Google Shopping, this was not the case. Therefore, by popular request, we have launched automated bidding for Google Shopping.

What we released

Filter Actions for Google shopping give you the possibility to set bid rules for your products. With this, you can automatically bid, but still keep the control over your campaigns. Automated bidding combined with the metrics that matter!

What problem did we solve

Bid management for Google Shopping was, until now, a manual task. bGenius believes in the automating activities, especially when they are repetitive. With that in mind, we created filter actions for Google Shopping. By automating bid management for Google Shopping you have more time to spend on innovation and strategic choices.

What did Genius Jindra say

“The customer where I use automated bidding is active in 6 different countries including Shopping campaigns, and therefore the bid management normally takes a lot of time, taking every detail and trend per country into account is very difficult.
The automated bid rules do not only give me extra time, but also act on the latest trends that we can derive from the data. That is due to the bid rules that are more split up based on the ROI preconditions per country than in the former situation. The result; a revenue growth of 24%, while the costs have declined with 6%. A lot more than I would have dared to expect beforehand!”

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