Insights in Search: SEO and SEA integrated centrally!

A holistic approach in online marketing is crucial to get the maximum result from the total online mix. Until now, tools were not capable of linking SEO data to SEA data, but since March bGenius offers the solution!

What did we release

A Google Search Console connection to integrate SEO data into the bGenius platform. SEO click-data on keyword level can therefore be matched with SEA performance for the same keyword. Estimates of SEO conversions, revenue on keyword level and combining SEA en SEO performance are all new possibilities which were previously inconceivable.

What problem did we solve

Dit resulteert in inschattingen van SEO conversies en omzet op zoekterm niveau die tot voor kort onmogelijk waren. Sterker nog; het is nu mogelijk om de SEA en SEO prestaties met elkaar te combineren; in berekende kolommen worden Search KPI’s als marktaandeel, omzet en ROI inzichtelijk gemaakt. Dit kan vervolgens ook gekoppeld worden aan backoffice data!

What did Genius Marloes say?

“Marketers no longer have the excuse to think in SEA or SEO fields only, while there is the possibility of combining this data and monitoring it through one platform. The threshold will be lowered and you can even start developing your search strategy this month!”

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