Connect and manage platforms in bGenius

Place, manage, analyze and sell products in all markets, shopping centers and sales channels. bGenius is a user-friendly multichannel tool for webshop owners and marketers.


    Campaign Management

    Improve the quality of your campaign management with bGenius. Optimise all your campaigns in one system. With all your data in one place, you can manage your campaigns quicker and more efficiently, while reducing the chance of errors. With our filters, alerts, tags and history tracking...

    Dynamic Search

    When you are having trouble with the visibility of your campaign, synonyms and keyword combiner can help you to optimize the findability with dynamic values. It's a very easy way of expanding market share at scale and sell more products.

    Dynamic Shopping

    You can automatically generate ads for your entire stock from a single tool, on every ad platform, in real time. Each day, the program automatically generates ads and keywords based on your product content. Your ads will be automatically paused on the ad platform...

    Dynamic Display

    We’ll help you get higher click rates and shorten each prospect's path to conversion. Our HTML5 banners are fully responsive. They are designed to seamlessly load your product feed and run on all known networks. Our banners comply with the international IAB standards.

    Feed Management

    Feed Management gives you the possibility to optimize feeds down to the last detail and to make them suitable for any platform. You can easily perform operations from adjusting existing data to adding missing data. Do you want to perform complex operations, such as combining feeds...

    Dashboarding & Reporting

    bGenius provides dynamic visual aids like (charts, graphs, heat maps, scatter plots, timelines, etc.) and plain text to illustrate a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) and other data points. Create custom metrics that can be used for analysis and reporting for your marketing dashboards.

    At bGenius you end up in an inspiring environment with great colleagues. In an environment where fun, ambition and quality is central.

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