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bGenius to be the first Select Partner in the newly expanded Bing Partner Program

Today, Microsoft has selected bGenius – part of IPG Mediabrands – in its continued expansion of their Online Partner program – a select group of top performing Microsoft partners. This makes bGenius the first technology company in the Netherlands to enter into such a collaboration at this level. bGenius allows online marketers to setup and manage their campaigns with greater ease in Bing and other digital marketing platforms.

Bing Partners Program
Today, Bing is expanding its partner program with Agency’s, SME and technology partners, following a global launch of this program on November 15th last year. The goal of the program is to establish a transparent network, in which a select group of companies act as trusted advisors. As a Select Partner, bGenius will also get access to training, marketing and technology, which will enable them to create more valuable connections with their customers. This development will ensure that users of bGenius can enjoy the latest innovations from Bing.

Visible growth
This achievement is an indication of the strong growth that bGenius has been experiencing. In the Netherlands, bGenius is a very established technology partner to many well-known brands, and now, through the IPG mediabrands network, has its sights set on International expansion with current operations in five countries. bGenius sees great potential in expanding the range of search advertising with Bing Ads, which also grows internationally; with almost a third of the PC market in the US, more than 25% in the UK and over 10% in different European countries.

“We are delighted to add bGenius as a Select partner of Bing Ads on our global programs. Our partnership with bGenius helped our advertisers to achieve consistently strong results. bGenius’ service, training and expertise will continuously have a positive impact on stimulating a robust ecosystem around our platform, which will also affect our shared customers positively, “said Mascha Driessen, Sr. Director Bing Ads Western Europe

Far-reaching ambitions
The ambition of bGenius is to grow to the Elite Partner Program of Bing Ads, where international players like Kenshoo and Marin are already part of. “If we continue the current growth, we expect to be Elite Partner before the end of the year. We will further intensify cooperation. Elite Partner is moreover not an end in itself; we see it as a result of the international ambition we are currently realizing, “said Sander Koning – Head of bGenius.

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