Save time

Create and control all your ad accounts in one place


Improve the quality of your campaign management with bGenius. Optimise all your campaigns in one system. With all your data in one place, you can manage your campaigns quicker and more efficiently, while reducing the chance of errors. With our filters, alerts, tags and history tracking, you’ll have all the information you need to make fast, intelligent decisions about your campaigns.

Digital Analytics and Custom data import

bGenius links seamlessly with back office and web analytics accounts


If you use a variety of systems and tools to run your business, you can use bGenius to join and analyze that data in one place. We provide you with the possibility to upload data from external sources and combine this data with your analytics account. By doing this you can organize and analyze all of your data in ways that better reflect your business.

Human touch

The ideal combination between marketer and machine


bGenius provides todays marketers with a powerful performance solution geared towards maximising profit at scale through a balance of technology and human touch. So you can make informed choices and let bGenius do the rest.

Used worldwide

Our customers run campaigns in 65 countries


bGenius finds its origin in Groningen a city in the Netherlands. From this city bGenius started the conquest of the Netherlands and can currently call itself market leader. Our next mission is to let every marketer in the world to get to know our tooling. Currently our clients are running campaigns in 65 countries with the use of our technology.

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