Introduction to CSS

Since September 2017, comparison sites are visible in the Google Shopping results


A Comparison shopping site (CSS) is a third party that offers products, which can be included in Product Listing Ads. When the customer clicks on the image, description or URL of the ad, the ads will be sent directly to the advertiser’s website instead of CSS.

What is PriceLions?

PriceLions a Google shopping premium CSS partner


bGenius has developed PriceLions, a CSS that has a premium partnership with Google. PriceLions meets the policy requirement of Google for every country. A comparison shopping service is set up for every country a CSS MCA (Multi Client Account) has been applied for and approved by Google.

Why choose PriceLions?

5% savings compared to Google up to a maximum of €100.000


Google charges a profit margin of 20% on all CPCs, and on the CPC that goes with the auction. This profit margin will not be included in the PriceLions CSS. This means that, when advertising via the PriceLions CSS instead of Google Shopping, all CPCs will be 20% lower. The second advantage is that advertisers build up Ad Credit. This Ad Credit is awarded to the advertiser’s Google Ads account, and can be used for advertising in Google Ads. The amount of Ad Credit the advertiser gets is determined by the ad spend over a 30 day period, and has a maximum of € 32.000.

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