Access all of your advertising reports in one easy to use dashboard


Nowadays advertising is done by using a dozen different tools (third-party analytics apps, custom back-end systems, elaborate Excel spreadsheets) to track performance. Managing all these channels takes a lot of time. Add to that the time involved with the learning curve to be able to maximize your usage of these tools. Save this time with bGenius and manage and analyze your platforms in one channel.


No longer use manual spreadsheets but save time with automated marketing reports


bGenius provides dynamic visual aids like (charts, graphs, heat maps, scatter plots, timelines, etc.) and plain text to illustrate a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) and other data points. Create custom metrics that can be used for analysis and reporting for your marketing dashboards. Invite your core team to access your marketing dashboards and work together to structure your advertising campaigns.

Custom dashboards

Combine your centralized performance data with extended visualization capabilities


Need more visualization capabilities than the default dashboard can give you? Campaign Management centralizes your campaign data, integrating it with your revenue data and analytics data. Push your combined performance data to PowerBI, Google Data Studio, Tableau or any other external dashboarding platforms. This ultimate combination of bGenius and third-party tooling supercharges data with visual analytics.

Plug and play

All you have to do is "plug it in" and watch it play out


After connecting your data bGenius can provide insight into campaign achievements that aren’t available by default. Within bGenius we can bring together multiple data sources and present the combined results and insights in a well-organized manner. Our dashboard wil give you Insights that help you to significantly improve the actual return on your campaigns.

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