Product information

No more manually creating and editing campaigns


You can automatically generate ads for your entire stock from a single tool, on every ad platform, in real time. Each day, the program automatically generates ads and keywords based on your product content. Your ads will be automatically paused on the ad platform when a product is out of stock, so you won’t have to pay any unnecessary costs.

Content optimization

Increase your range and make sure that customers find your products with different search queries


When you are having trouble with the visibility of your campaign, synonyms and keyword combiner can help you to optimize the findability with dynamic values. It's a very easy way of expanding market share at scale and sell more products.

Automatic division

Easily create dynamic rule based actions to optimize your campaign


With our ‘rules’ feature you can easily include, combine or exclude values to optimize your ads or keywords. By adding rules you can save money by creating ads that are in sync with your inventory changes. When products are sold out our rules can automatically pause these ads to ensure your ads are always relevant.


Control actions with a real-time preview


You want to create relevant ads for your entire inventory. By using our preview you can immediately see the impact of your changes on your ads and keywords.

Future proof

We respond quickly to changes within the different advertising platforms


bGenius monitors new developments in all advertising platforms to keep our tooling up-to-date. When there are new developments, our client consultants will discuss which new features have your priority. In this way we offer customized solutions that fit your needs.

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