Save time

Start Feed Based Advertising today without intervention of your IT department


As an online marketer you have the possibility to adapt a product feed and / or data feed to your liking without the intervention of IT. Import the feed into Feed Management and get started with the hundreds, thousands or even millions of products.

Powerful solutions

Create, edit and optimize feeds for each platform


Feed Management gives you the possibility to optimize feeds down to the last detail and to make them suitable for any platform. You can easily perform operations from adjusting existing data to adding missing data. Do you want to perform complex operations, such as combining feeds? Feed Management is your tool to do it all.

Daily synchronization

With the use of Feed Management your feed is up-to-date every moment of the day


Feeds can be adjusted at any time of the day. With the automatically set up synchronization of Feed Management you are always up-to-date and you will save time for the things that really matter.

All formats supported

Feed Management is the tool for all your feed formats, from CSV to XML and even GZIP


Do not let yourself be restricted by the feed format of your feed. Feed Management effortlessly handles all imaginable feed formats and converts them in a few seconds to the desired output

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