What is Campaign Management?

Improve the quality of your campaign management with bGenius. Optimise all your campaigns in one system. With all your data in one place, you can manage your campaigns quicker and more efficiently, while reducing the chance of errors. With our filters, alerts, tags and history tracking, you’ll have all the information you need to make fast, intelligent decisions about your campaigns.

Benefits of Campaign Management

  • Control all your ad accounts in one place (AdWords, Bing, Yahoo Japan, Beslist, Criteo and many more).
  • bGenius links seamlessly with back office and web analytics accounts, so you can steer your campaigns based on margin and additional KPIs, without using Excel spreadsheets.
  • We believe in technology with a human touch. bGenius doesn’t make decisions for you, it puts you in control, so you can make informed choices and let bGenius do the rest.

The features of Campaign Management

Below is a summary of the most important features of Campaign Management:

  • Account and cross-platform filter
  • Inspection and control of platforms like Criteo, Beslist etc.
  • Add and select columns
  • Integrating Google Analytics, Comscore, Omniture, etc.
  • Integration of own CRM data and order data
  • Inspect campaigns for keywords and products
  • Store frequently used filters and actions
  • Set up custom dashboards
  • Create reports
  • Get Insight into history and/or specific data ranges
  • Complete support of Google Shopping
  • Search Query Reports
  • Flexible editing
  • Ongoing support from our Client Solutions team