What is bGenius Dynamic Advertising?

With bGenius Dynamic Advertising, you can automatically generate ads for your entire stock from a single tool, on every ad platform, in real time.
Each day, the program automatically generates ads and keywords based on your product content.
Your ads will be automatically paused on the ad platform when a product is out of stock, so you won’t have to pay any unnecessary costs.

Benefits of bGenius Dynamic Advertising

  • Control all your ad accounts in one place (AdWords, Bing, Yahoo Japan, Beslist, Criteo and many more).
  • bGenius links seamlessly with back office and web analytics accounts, so you can steer your campaigns based on margin and additional KPIs, without using Excel spreadsheets.
  • We believe in technology with a human touch. bGenius doesn’t make decisions for you, it puts you in control, so you can make informed choices and let bGenius do the rest.

Best features of bGenius Dynamic Advertising

  • No more manually creating and editing campaigns
  • Automatically creates campaigns for AdWords and Bing
  • Links with your product database
  • Optimises feeds for each ad platform
  • Automated live setting of a range based on keyword combinations
  • Ongoing support from our Client Solutions team
  • Automatically pauses ads if a product is out of stock
  • Control actions with a preview
  • Generate relevant Expanded Text Ads in search engines at product level
  • Automatic alerts (e.g. for sold out products)
  • Achieves maximum ROI by making your whole product stock live