What is bGenius Feed Management?

Feed-based advertising has been developing steadily in recent years. In bGenius Dynamic Advertising, our users could already create a feed optimised for a particular platform, such as Google Merchant, Beslist, Marktplaats or Criteo.
In 2014 we created bGenius Feed Management to offer even more ways to easily edit and enrich a feed.

Benefits of bGenius Feed Management

  • Our intuitive wizard makes it quick and easy to edit a feed – even to make advanced changes.
  • Transforms simple tasks such as filtering and editing values using Find & Replace, and advanced functions like adding and removing columns in the output feed.
  • Import columns from one feed to another, for example, to combine product and revenue data in a single feed.

The features of Feed Management

Below is a summary of the most important features of Feed Management:

  • Support all formats (CSV, XML and GZIP)
  • Move, remove and add columns easily
  • Fast, intuitive filtering
  • Easy Find & Replace
  • Find & Replace shared library
  • Import new columns from another feed
  • Import new columns from another feed
  • Deduplicating duplicates in your feed
  • Remove duplicates in your feed
  • Remove columns in your output
  • Merge feeds
  • Preview & Scheduling