Product roadmap

This information regarding potential future functionality gives you an insight into some of bGenius’s product plans. This is not an exhaustive list. There are lots of other things we’re working on. Not to mention other sneaky, bigger things that we may not be ready to announce just yet. While these functionalities currently have no timeframe for delivery, they're here to outline our general product direction. Items are subject to change as new priorities are identified. We sometimes even might stop working on a feature and remove it from the roadmap. The development, release and timing of any future features or functionality described remains at our sole discretion and should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.


  • Planned
  • Completed

Q2 | 2018

Campaign Management

  • Bulk device bid adjustmentsJuly
  • Data connections: show connection ownerJuly
  • Data connections: show connection statusJuly
  • Display Google Analytics Facebook data in bGenius.July
  • Demographic keywords: apply bid rules and filteringJuly
  • AdWords extensions: show type and amount of each typeJuly
  • Seznam: facilitate analysis and management of campaignsJuly
  • Google Search Console: facilitate analysis and optimization of SEO campaignsJuly
  • Assign product partitions back-end data to 'unknown conversions' to enable you to research your data sourceJuly
  • AdWords API updateMay
  • Edit sitelinks on sitelink levelMay
  • Google Analytics plug and play supportMay
  • Multichannel dashboard: expanded date rangeMay
  • Bid management for AdWords campaigns with enhanced CPC bid strategyMay

Dynamic Advertising

  • Search: price extensionsJuly
  • Rules: replace valuesJuly
  • Rules: broaden input fieldsJanuary
  • Map static values from your input feed to a predefined valueJuly
  • Search: insight into why certain keywords couldn’t be uploadedJuly
  • Support plug and play accounts connected in Campaign ManagementJuly
  • Feed validation: prevent projects from taking campaign structures offlineJuly
  • AdWords API updateMay
  • Feeds: skip empty valuesApril
  • AdWords search: copy projectsApril
  • AdWords search: countdown ad alternativeApril
  • UX: see in one glance whether you've set the 'Auto update' setting for your projectApril
  • UX: a warning about the consequences of adjusting targeting settings of projects which you've ran beforeApril

Feed management

  • Edit new columns in XML to CSV filesMay

Q1 | 2018 | Shipped releases

Campaign Management

  • AdWords ad rotation setting on group levelMarch
  • AdWords API updateMarch
  • Facebook API updateMarch
  • Filter actions for sitelinksMarch
  • Filter date range 'Last 60 days'March
  • Budget management dimensionsMarch
  • Data connections: improved designMarch
  • Private data connections: connect multiple customers and make multiple connectionsMarch
  • New currency importerFebruary
  • AdWords: campaign 'Total Budget'February
  • Filters for reportingJanuary
  • Budget management menuJanuary
  • Multichannel dashboard bètaJanuary

Dynamic Advertising

  • Keyword combinerJanuary
  • Character counter for ad templatesMarch
  • Improved designMarch
  • Manage manually recreated (in Campaign Management) elementsFebruary
  • Channel overview: improved designJanuary
  • AdWords API updateJanuary

Feed Management

  • Single sign-on for Dynamic Advertising and Feed ManagementFebruary

Clients Module

  • Password recoveryMarch